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Michael Wollard

I went to art school many years ago, and my first love is creating functional art forms, although I have spent most of my time working as a carpenter.  Some years ago I met a medicine man who began to teach me the Ancient Mysteries.  He often needed help on various building projects, from kivas (peace chambers) to dance arbors.  At one point he needed a large ceremonial drum for his dances.  I researched the traditional ways of making drums and, with the encouragement of many others, taught myself the craft of drum making.  The observation of the balance of all things in nature lead to an understanding of how all things are connected.  These understandings hold true also in drum crafting, from the inspiration of the beauty of a design to the way that different materials can be put together artfully to form a drum whose heartbeat reflects the movements of nature as it vibrates.

It is my desire to craft drums that reflect both the designs of my individual customers as well as the principles of nature as they unfold in the making of a drum.


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